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What We Do

We are serious about our work. We are serious about providing top-quality, practical, and cost-effective legal advice to our clients. And we are serious about our profession.

At core, we strive to be example for others in the way we practice law. We strongly believe that fearless and zealous advocacy is not incompatible with  professional courtesy and civility and not just in litigation, but in all practice areas.

Where We Work

We work for Excellence, Honesty and for benefit of Our Client. The success of our firm is directly connected to the success of our clients. Our clients many times will not have a full technical understanding of their matter and but they should always be informed, understand the direction about their matter and feel they can ask questions on any level for understanding. We have mission is to provide our clients more than they paid for and always meet agreed upon deadlines for development and results.

Our Team

Peer Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Chishti

(Advocate High Court)


Peer Ahmad Raza Chishti

(ACMA) (APA) (B.B.A)

Chief Executive

Nabeel Khan Lohdi

(Advocate High Court)